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Reducing service complexity and delivering a best-in-class, single platform solution

The Challenges

Sports betting promotion is part of most sports. Whether you’re watching on TV or at the game, it’s got to the point where many children think that betting is a normal part of sport. NSW Government’s Office of Responsible Gambling wants to change that.

The ORG think you should be able to enjoy sport without betting and for viewers to love the game without sports betting ads getting in the way. Working with sporting codes and teams to Reclaim the Game and get back to what sport is meant to be about is one pillar to reform, another is to ensure services and support are easily accessible and integrated into technology platforms.

The model of receiving support services was driven by a series of disparate interactions between government and non-government services. This left the ORG unable to offer comprehensive case management services, thus in turn negatively affected the success of the customer journey undertaken.

In addition, the department felt that the availability of resources to the community were being delivered in a way that there was no catch-net for customers who could not access required services and even worse, had no real way to determine how many potential customers attempted to gain assistance, yet could not.

The Goal

It was important therefore that the ORG service was modernised, as service reach was growing dramatically, something that could only be achieved via a digital platform. In addition, an upgrade of national initiatives provided the department with an opportunity to deliver a suitable all-encompassing service to the NSW community with the goal of ensuring that there were no closed doors to receiving help.

A new model was designed driven by a digital platform at its core. The department engaged CDRU to provide expert advice and market insights on potential partners, developing business and technical architectures, leading a sourcing process, and running the transformation to the new platform.

The new digital platform had to provide a single platform to connect clients, service providers and the department, with services including:

External facing

  • Providing information
  • Menu of service available
  • Self-guided help
  • Tailored support
  • Booking appointments
  • Receiving video and chat support

Internal facing

  • Digital delivery
  • Data input
  • Data reporting
  • Client management

In determining the journey from ‘current state’ to ‘future state’, CDRU analysis identified that by working within the NSW Government Procurement 3.2 guideline, supplier selection and design of the support model would be key in achieving success.

Further adding to the complexity of the outcome was that ORG resources were help-service oriented and therefore required support in capturing the business requirements in a commercial format, a go-to-market strategy, and ultimately the delivery of the program itself.

The Guardrails

  1. The strict guidelines and proposed purchasing strategy by the ORG meant that only SME’s in the Australian market were to be considered. Due to the complexity of the solution and subsequent program, this meant that multiple service providers were required to build, manage, and support the solution. In other words, the commercial and operational complexity was now being managed by the ORG rather than an end-to-end supplier being selected.
  2. The ORG’s lack of expertise in resourcing to run this program meant that there was a heavy reliance on help from internal government, which was difficult to engage due to time constraints and lack of priority for this program. CDRU found itself playing an increasingly larger role to ensure success.

CDRU Expertise

CDRU’s journey with the ORG started with an assessment of the business drivers and the future goals.

The review involved developing an overall architecture that included:

  • A Public Facing Website
  • Referral Platform
  • Digital Assessment Tool
  • Follow-up Process and Milestones
  • Scheduling Platform
  • Web Integration
  • Digital Services
  • Data Collection, Reporting and Data Privacy
  • Client Interaction Platform
  • Client Management System

In addition, we required external support for the cloud infrastructure services, platform and a development partner.

CDRU were selected as the strategic sourcing partner of choice as:

  • CDRU’s fact-based sourcing is built on thousands of market data insights which support the ability to project realistic savings, with guaranteed client outcomes using our proven sourcing processes.
  • Our industry and market experience, and proven capability of successful program delivery.

The Solution

After conducting an interim industry analysis and assessment of the market, CDRU’s demonstrated deep knowledge and actionable insights led us to selecting a suitable shortlist of potential suppliers.

Our sourcing process led us to a successful supplier that not only met our requirements, it also scored very high on NSW Government’s ‘Value and Suitability Scale’.

The Results

The successful supplier introduced the platform software vendor as the managed service provider.

CDRU was asked to run the entire implementation program, where we presented the ORG with exceptional value coming in at 75% of the proposed budget.

Our program was delivered via a two-phase approach, with phase 2 ongoing.

Program will be delivered within budget with the likelihood that contingency funds will not be required.

The Go-Live was slightly behind original schedule yet within acceptable contingency timeframes for a complex program.

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