Supporting your organisation with CDRU’s Azure Cost Management Service

Public cloud adoption is rapidly increasing, as organisations seek improved agility and access to modern services.

However, if left unmanaged cloud adoption leads to a sprawl of Services and Virtual Machines, all driving increased costs, with governance and control unable to keep pace in the rush to move forward.

Top challenges include:

  • Complex billing and metered costs obstructing clarity and understanding of ongoing operational costs.
  • IT and finance resources burdened with complex cost analysis and bill review, without the right tools, expertise or industry insights.
  • Underutilised or abandoned on premise licensing investment, breaking prior investment cases and business case commitments reducing organisational confidence in IT.
  • Analysis paralysis, blocking decisions due to cloud bill complexity and uncertainty in cloud cost forecasts.
  • The cost of maintaining currency of expertise with rapidly changing cloud services and associated billing models.

Here are the Top 7 trends for IT spend:

Gartner predicts that by 2024, more than 45% of IT spending on system infrastructure, infrastructure software, application software and business process outsourcing, will shift from traditional solutions to cloud.

In addition they project that over the next 3 years, nearly all legacy applications migrated to public cloud infrastructure as a service (IaaS) will require optimisation to become more cost-effective.

So understanding where your organisation’s costs are split right now, will put you on the front foot, for cost optimisation over the coming years.


How well are you managing your Azure spend?

For many organisations, Azure cost complexity can be an IT and financial headache. Whatever state your Azure bill is in today, it will be more complex tomorrow as more services continue to be provisioned. So what’s the best course of action?

CDRU’s Azure Cost Management Service provides a better way

Through CDRU’s Azure Cost Management service you’ll get clear visibility and reporting of your current and projected IT spend.

This includes:

  • Insight into cloud cost drivers and flow into the whole of IT cost impact
  • Optimisation – through licensing insight including utilisation of historic On-Premise investments and consumption commitments to drive virtual machine discounts of up to 80% from PAYG rates
  • Spend commitment driven reserved instance vs part time usage analysis
  • Alignment not just to the numbers, but holistically to the strategy and IT financials

Beyond Cloud Management Tools

CDRU’s service provides cost optimisation driven by data insights and expertise, enabling you to align the spend with value delivered towards an organisation’s services.

This releases your resources from the regular recurring bill management, allocation and reporting whether you consume Azure directly, or via a managed services arrangement.

The service frees you from having to acquire the tooling and expertise, enabling you to start the optimisation journey now, reducing the financial impact of ongoing undermanaged cloud consumption.

The benefits are threefold:

1. Visibility

  • Spend, mapped to technical and service towers.
  • Both a holistic whole Azure view, and focussed visibility for service budget owners.
  • Sources of sprawl or orphaned services identified.
  • Marketplace costs vs direct Microsoft costs.
  • Variance to budget.

2. Optimisation

  • Of spend through utilisation of licensing opportunities such as Hybrid Benefit or Dev/Test pricing.
  • Usage analysis against reserved instance options vs Part time VM runtime.
  • Reduced resource allocation to meet target spend.
  • Dev/Test pricing utilisation for qualifying use.

3. Guidance

  • CDRU Optimisation experts, with experience in reducing client costs.
  • Strategy Alignment.
  • Technology, licensing, and resource options.
  • Reserved Instance adoption vs Pay-as-you-Go at reduced hours.

CDRU’s Azure cloud cost management service draws from our extensive IT cost management expertise, spanning licensing, cloud and IT operations practices to drive alignment strategy and optimise the spend. Utilising our expertise to quickly deliver value and integration with your processes, supporting the drive to modernise services while managing the financial pressure and optimising costs.

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