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About CDRU

Costs Down Revenue Up (CDRU) is an outcomes-based buy-side consultancy with practices across technology, telecommunications and shared services. Our focus is to help clients improve simply ‘keeping the lights on’ by optimising daily functions through continually lowering costs and improving services.

Staffed by over 50 experts, CDRU guarantee and deliver against outcomes across all technology service towers and shared services with a strength in telecommunications service and spend transformation. The CDRU team is fully accountable to deliver agreed, guaranteed outcomes in a true risk-share model. As a result of delivering more than 2,000 projects over 20 years, CDRU has an up-to-date accurate, detailed benchmark supplier database. This offers clients an unparalleled negotiating position to free up operating capital for in strategic business programs.

In recent terms, CDRU has influenced over $30 BN total spend since 2017, in 200+ engagements, driving value and optimising costs across 90+ enterprise and public sector clients.

Ian Woollett

Founder CDRU

Our Heritage






Outcome Focussed

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Australian Expertise

Australia’s leading independent mid-sized, cost and value-for-money optimisation company with extensive multi-industry datapoints.

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We are supplier and platform/technology agnostic, with deep Australian market insights & knowledge across products, pricing, cloud platforms, models operations and delivery.

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Globally Accepted Methodologies

Adopting globally accepted frameworks (e.g TBM, SIAM, SFIA, ITIL) to design, plan and implement successful business driven technology programs.

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Value Optimisation

Through leveraging our sourcing experience, market data and enterprise software solutions we offer businesses the most valuable partnership they can have.

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Risk Reduction

We can offer innovative gain-share based fee models and provide peace of mind with our Outcomes. Always. Guaranteed.

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CDRU is a responsive and agile group, committed to rapid, measured client benefit realisation.

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Rapid ROI

Delivering operational cost and value optimisation outcomes, at speed, as well as meaningful reports and insights for the C-suite.

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Guaranteed Outcomes

Buy-side partner, lowering supplier risk and offering a shared risk gain-share model that co-sources with client teams.

How We Do It

Contact us to learn more about how we use our proprietary methodology, “USP” (Understanding, Solutioning, Proposing) to all business domains including; IT Strategic Planning, IT Operating Model, IT Financial Management, Sourcing and Procurement.

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Deep Insights

Help Technology become a Value Creator within your business by knowing the numbers and improving your P&L through market comparisons on hundreds of commonly run scenarios.

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Local Benchmarking

Optimise your Technology spend by understanding your true TCO. Using our external, independent Australian benchmarks, show how your IT investments stack up.

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Capability Alignment

Determine if your business has the right people doing the right activities in your technology or shared services team. IT Operating model development, Lean, Agile, IT team at scale utilising SFIA frameworks and methodologies.

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Managed Service Model

We co-design and execute as a single client team, with common KPI’s. We can project manage, implementation to realise outcomes using our USP Sourcing Methodology and run services to manage suppliers.

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Outcomes Always

Focus on identifying and realising business value. Articulate value in clear business terminology, describe how that value can be realised. Transparent % savings and fees aligned to client outcomes.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee 3x ROI (Return on Investment) on every clients’ initial investment.

As an Australian owned SME with over 20 years as a trusted buy-side partner we also offer an innovative gain-share model to help clients manage risk.

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