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Service Integration and Management

Reduce cost and management complexities, by tapping into industry-leading solutions with SIAM

To remain competitive, large IT organisations must consume services from an ever-increasing array of industry-leading technology solutions. However, managing multiple supplier relationships can add significant burden on internal resources, which require specific technical knowledge and expertise.

Without effective management, time-poor IT teams are left high and dry, struggling to juggle key pain points that come with maintaining service quality control, including:

  • Collaboration reluctance from suppliers
  • A lack of transparency and understanding of the end-to-end service level performance and return on investment
  • Poor architectural and service integration with multiple points of failure and no accountability
  • Labour-intensive analysis which slows issue reporting & resolution
  • Ineffective governance and various costly change orders

What’s more, contractual compliance and SLA adherence undermines the implementation of technology in the first place, limiting innovation due to data silos across solutions.

To foster true transformation through innovation, businesses need to secure a SIAM solution that offers an effective framework to holistically align supplier performance with business priorities.

Improve your service delivery process with SIAM

Integrating service providers with internal teams through the utilisation of hybrid cloud operating models will enable:

  • Better Service. For customers and increased accountability of suppliers
  • Insight. Into alignment with your technology costs, resources, and suppliers
  • Control. Manage to benefit: Change, govern, adapt, and enforce
  • Right Size. Optimisation, so your technology delivers the maximum benefit

Improving collaboration with your service providers means streamlined working practices, without the silos and greater control over supplier costs.

Accelerating SIAM across your organisation, with transformational results

CDRU will partner with your business, to realise the maximum service, commercial and cost benefits that SIAM can provide.

With our proven methodology, our team will guide you through the process step by step,

  • Aligning resources to key functions
  • Implementing collaborative frameworks that harmonise business unit performance, technology, and supplier processes
  • Supplementing with smart tools that can control cost outcomes

Experience the benefits of a seamless SIAM transformation

CDRU’s SIAM framework enables the management of multiple suppliers, so they exceed the contract and glossy brochure promises, providing your entire business with an optimised technology service experience.

At first glance, SIAM is a simple combination of people, processes, and tools, however built under the CDRU framework, SIAM will:

  • Ensure that functions are aligned to your needs, creating a concise view of team, business, and supplier expectations, where everyone knows their role
  • Mean suppliers respond to the invitation of being partners and work proactively to improve service and drive efficiency
  • Identify, manage, and control costs
  • Ensure functions flex as business demands change, without the need for costly future transformations

When suppliers act as partners, not just service providers

A global mining giant’s suppliers were perceived to be performing poorly. This resulted in stalled contract renewal negotiations and increasing support costs due to supplier service gaps.

The challenge:

SIAM as a practice was not in place, and this was having a detrimental effect across the business.

  • The technology team operated in silos with limited end to end consultation
  • Supplier management responsibility was spread across departments
  • Service profiles did not match global needs, leading to shadow IT operations in multiple locations
  • Costs were excessive and rising uncontrollably

The solution:

Using a combination of SFIA and ITIL, and our proven methodology, CDRU developed a SIAM aligned operating model that was tailored to support the future technology organisation.

  • SIAM processes, touch points, interactions and factors were identified, developed, and tested via a proof of concept process.
  • In addition, ClearCost (an IT Financial Management tool) was piloted as a "Proof of Value", establishing the accurate baseline from which to build an action that demonstrates true ROI.

The outcome:

Through the implementation of CDRU’s recommended SIAM framework, the company’s suppliers began to operate as partners and not just as service providers, continually seeking revenue increases.

This not only enhanced supplier performance and improved service levels; but also created a single point of accountability for end-to-end service delivery to the company.

This resulted in:

  • Commercial contracts that reflected the client's overall business strategy
  • Cost savings of over $15M USD per annum off a $80M USD base

Through the strategic alignment of business needs and technology enablement, the CDRU team using the SIAM framework may be able to deliver a significant service uplift and more lucrative supplier partnerships for your business too.

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