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Transform your IT infrastructure to support agile business needs

Legacy IT infrastructure has long been known for its cumbersome integrations, forklift upgrades, lethargic response times and ongoing high maintenance costs. 

With the pace of digital expediting operations, businesses must shift to viable IT architecture and infrastructure services that offer scale-out flexibility and real-time insight agility, at a low operating cost — or risk losing out to the competition. 

Each and every business has unique IT infrastructure requirements tailored to people, processes and technology. As such, when transforming IT infrastructure, businesses need a carefully considered strategy that will meet business needs today and tomorrow.

Optimise your IT infrastructure strategy and reduce costs

Responsible for extracting maximum value from data, Infrastructure underpins business operations. When business IT Infrastructure is managed in silos, not only does this result in an inept ability to achieve holistic insight and visibility across departments, but it slows the transformation of business processes completely, while simultaneously mounting costs.

IT Infrastructure transformation supports driving down operating costs, while increasing business agility. Key considerations for transformation include:

  • Re-evaluating high-cost applications: Identifying the cost per user for maintaining legacy applications on dedicated Infrastructure.
  • Identifying security risks: Identifying the risks associated with owning Infrastructure, in place of subscription-based models.
  • Analysing data centre footprints: Deploying scalable, high-performing Infrastructure that grows in tandem with your business.
By 2025, 60% of organisations will use automation tools to deploy new compute resources, reduce deployment time and deliver greater agility. Source:

However, without a solid IT architecture, businesses may miss the boat to capitalise ahead of competitors.

IT transformation highlights the true cost of a business’ Infrastructure footprint, which can then be used to build initiatives that target cost reduction and risk management.

CDRU’s process to redefine IT infrastructure for true ROI

CDRU’s IT sourcing solutions encompasses a holistic view of an organisation’s IT Infrastructure requirements, ensuring each business unit is equipped with the digital foundation and IT architecture required to succeed.

Our approach helps identify key systems that can be made redundant or replaced with new viable cost-effective operating models.

CDRU’s infrastructure transformation process is structured for success:

  • Strategy: Redesigning the service operating model where needed
  • IT Architecture: Architectural redesign to support the new operating model.
  • IT Sourcing: Running IT sourcing solutions, to support new strategy and architecture.
  • Commercial: Negotiating new contracts and renegotiating existing contracts.
  • IT Transformation: Developing and executing the digital transformation.

Throughout each stage of the transformation process, CDRU’s team of experts provide detailed methodology and insights that equip the business to make the right decision for Infrastructure transformation.

The true impact of transformation: Optimisation

IT Infrastructure underpins business operations. As such, the need for a secure, cost-effective and scalable infrastructure is critical.

Infrastructure transformation ensures each aspect of the business is optimised for success: People, Processes and Technology.

Delivering Infrastructure ROI today, and tomorrow

An Australian-owned financial institution engaged CDRU to conduct a major digital transformation program. The aim of the transformation was to enable the business to provide digital banking offerings, in line with competitor offerings.

The challenge:

To alleviate the pressures on existing Infrastructure, optimising it for the new digital banking offerings to come.

The solution:

By freeing the existing Infrastructure from “run” activities and diverting focus towards the digital transformation initiatives, CDRU was able to identify key pain-points of the existing system.

CDRU delivered the IT Infrastructure transformation through:

  • Reducing the cost of maintaining the existing Infrastructure.
  • Scaling the Infrastructure with cloud adoption.
  • Increasing services levels in maintaining the existing Infrastructure.
  • Reducing risk associated with managing legacy Infrastructure.
  • Avoiding capital expenditure for refreshing Infrastructure.
  • Reclaiming storage space and costs associated with on-premise data centres.
  • Maintaining current serviceability to staff and branch offices by providing onsite service calls as required.

The outcome:

CDRU sourced a suitable Infrastructure system that addressed and alleviated all the challenges experienced by the financial institution, to deploy their new digital banking offering.

As part of the procurement process, CDRU ensured that the new Infrastructure was delivered at an optimal cost and more importantly had low ongoing maintenance costs. Successfully managing the daily run activities also ensure that deployment of the new Infrastructure took place quicker than anticipated, exceeding expectations on all fronts.

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