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As-a-Service (PaaS, SaaS, Legacy Apps)

‘Cloud-tech’ the innovation enabler

Overloading servers, complex networking and bursting storage systems have been a burden for legacy systems reliant on CAPEX since the digital era began. This burden has given rise to new service-led OPEX models that take full advantage of the cloud.

Gartner predicts that by 2024 more than 45% of IT spending on system Infrastructure, Infrastructure software, application software and business process outsourcing will shift from traditional solutions to Cloud.

The cloud-computing era is truly upon us and businesses that don’t keep up will lose out, with research revealing that companies risk losing out on between 10-20% revenue growth without digital operating models to drive agility at speed.

The great migration to the cloud taps into a new era of opportunity for legacy applications, however without robust integration, management and security systems of multiple cloud services, the outlook on ROI becomes bleak.

This has given rise to new service-led XaaS (Anything-as-a-Service) models that provide low-cost, agile, cloud-based services that reduce reliance on internal knowledge and expertise.

The move to XaaS will allow your technology function and business to focus on scaling, innovation and a faster path to market agility and efficiency.  With analysts predicting a 24% compounded annual growth in XaaS offerings by 2025, the conversion to cloud must start today.

Powering innovation with a cloud-based Infrastructure

While the proposition is exciting, weak execution of XaaS can pose risks particularly on cost and management. Research reveals 81% of executives expect to manage multiple operating models in parallel in the future.

Businesses need to engage XaaS that not only manage complex cloud environments and security, but also offer compelling ROI through PPU (price per unit) models.

By utilising the on-demand nature of XaaS, you can drive an agile and adaptive environment, to stay current, competitive, and relevant.

Mobile first: Everything on the cloud, accessible and up to date 24/7 means efficient remote working, without sacrificing security or quality of work.

Agility and flexibility: On-demand changes that enhance the customer journey and businesses processes for scaling up and down to support changing needs.

Productivity: Liberating IT teams from mundane daily tasks like management and monitoring means more time and money to invest in business strategy.

The Bottom line: Providing a clear path away from costly and risky legacy environments, without dominating budgets means strategic programs long into the future.

Set your organisation up to be future-ready with XaaS and speak with our team today about how CDRU can ensure the transition to Cloud meets your business needs both today and tomorrow.

The CDRU framework to a smooth XaaS transition

XaaS comes in all forms including Networks (NaaS), Applications (AaaS), Infrastructure (IaaS), Platform (PaaS) and even Security (SECaaS).

With so many options, businesses can quickly become overwhelmed and make rash decisions that produce more headaches through hefty management needs, security risks such as data loss cross application and perhaps most importantly rising costs.

Transitioning and building on your ‘as-a-service’ systems can become financially and technologically challenging, if not managed in a clean and compatible way.

The importance of an in-depth analysis of your business’ operations and infrastructure is crucial to optimising XaaS solutions, which is why the CDRU process includes:

  • Strategy – Redesigning the service operating model where needed
  • Architecture – Architectural redesign to support the new operating model
  • Sourcing – Running sourcing activities, to support new strategy and architecture
  • Commercial – Negotiating new contracts and renegotiating existing contracts
  • Transformation – Developing and executing the digital transformation

Meet the demands of an enhanced customer experience with XaaS

CDRU will work collaboratively with your business to develop a solid organisational vision, aligned technology strategy, and a customer engagement plan. To ensure a smooth and successful transition to XaaS.

Under CDRU’s methodology, XaaS will:

  • Meet the increasing demand of an enhanced customer experience.
  • Ensure new services better align with your business requirements and expectations.
  • Modernise your core platform and ring fence legacy applications deemed for retirement.
  • Remove security and technology risk and provide continuity and connectivity
  • Transform your technology into a true enabler and provide a faster path to market

When costly, legacy infrastructure impacts the bottom line

A heavy investment in a highly customised and complex value chain platform, meant cost and risk was quickly becoming an issue for our client.

A number of highly visible platform failures had resulted in both financial, and just as importantly, reputational damage.

The challenge:

Every aspect of the supply chain platform was limiting, rather than enabling.

  • Old infrastructure was expensive to maintain and required a substantial capital investment to replace
  • Core Infrastructure was housed in a dated, not fit for purpose, on-premise data centre space
  • The core application had been highly customised through several iterations with little documentation and increasingly difficult supportability

The solution:

Our extensive market knowledge and experience led CDRU to recommend a contemporary solution that delivered clear benefits.

  • The recommendation was to move to the core platform vendor’s cloud hosting environment, under a PaaS agreement
  • Top to bottom review of the platform that included critical modernisation of the core platform
  • Renegotiation of existing managed service contracts and the sourcing of new services, to better align with business requirements

The outcome:

The move to XaaS allowed both technology and business to focus on business growth.

  • An allocated CAPEX of ~$20M, returned to the business for re-investment in innovation and further ‘transform’ initiatives
  • A realignment of service delivery, and contracts, the client benefited in over $3M per annum reduction in OPEX costs off a $12M base

The benefits of XaaS are clear. Organisations typically lack the capabilities and talent to manage their IT while keeping pace with emerging technologies, and they need somebody who can do it more efficiently.

Not only does CDRU bring expertise in XaaS, but the outcomes CDRU consistently deliver with their ROI-guarantee allow our clients to manage their supply chains more efficiently, provides access to innovation game-changers that may otherwise be too expensive for them to invest in on their own and accelerate their organisations transformation journey

In a short time XaaS has changed how numerous industries are running, from sales to transportation and everything in between.

Enable your business to become part of the as-a-service revolution.

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