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Modern Workplace Solutions

Unleash the power of productivity with Modern Workplace solutions

Engaging employees begins with providing the tools they require to best perform their work. Access to modern devices, digital support services, analytics, intelligent collaboration and workplace asset management is critical.

To support your organisation’s digital transformation journey and keep up with the demand for increasing flexibility from employees, the challenge for the IT function is to enable seamless collaboration, anytime, anywhere.

And to embrace the entire workplace and drive true value through Modern Workplace solutions built for business continuity.

What might a Modern Workplace program include?

Better communication and collaboration through social technologies can raise the productivity of knowledge workers by 20-25%.

A Modern Workplace program must therefore span elements of people, process, and technology to support an organisation’s digital transformation.

From modern device management, digital support services, analytics, intelligent collaboration, and workplace asset management, CDRU will help you build a networked, connected, and productive team by bringing our expertise in creating Modern Workplace solutions to meet your workforce and business needs.

Understanding employee needs to develop solution-driven digital empowerment

A Modern Workplace is more than just end-user devices. It focuses on how your people will work and provides them the tools, structures, platforms, and systems they need to perform at their best.

Redefining processes and putting innovation first is key to unleashing the power of Modern Workplaces.

CDRU works with you to analyse employee needs, taking into consideration:

  • The productivity and collaboration tools that support the ways of working your employees need and want
  • Data and Analytics required to support decision making
  • Integration of devices and services to maintain a user-friendly experience that’s cross-functional
  • Identifying service providers that are reliable and accountable to SLAs that work on your business’ terms
  • Removing administrative overheads through automating and expediting lengthy approval processes

This ‘modern workplace’ delivers collaboration and productivity tools, to improve efficiencies right across your organisation.

How CDRU will help you thrive with a Modern Workplace approach

Applying the principles of customer-centricity to your employee’s experience we will support your business in transforming productivity, creating unprecedented cost efficiency, and driving business growth.

Research from the Center for Information Systems Research (CISR) at MIT Sloan School of Management reveals that business with the best employee experience achieve results including*:

  • Double the customer satisfaction
  • Twice the innovation
  • 25% greater profitability

Experience the benefits of CDRU’s end-to-end Modern Workplace solutions that not only produce employee productivity but enable new efficiencies through IT integration and business strategy alignment.

Are you ready to uncover the benefits of CDRU’s Modern Workplace approach?

Bridging the IT gap for the future of work

A national aviation group was caught in an IT rut. Using legacy IT Infrastructure that lacked the agility to power remote operations and rapidly changing business needs were quickly outpacing the IT services available.

The challenge:

The traditional on-premise IT environment was not meeting user expectations, with remote workers constrained and suppliers not delivering or aligning with the current requirements. There was a need to quickly address:

  • The incumbent technology supplier that was delivering a reactive-only service and not partnering to assist with the vision, strategy, and roadmap
  • Misaligned roles and responsibilities, including technical staff with commercial responsibilities
  • Unintegrated IT tools, increasing overhead and requiring manual reconciliation and integration steps to support the organisation

The solution:

Using a combination of proven approaches, CDRU developed a simplified operating model and strategy, covering people, process, and technology areas.

  • A transformation plan was built covering elements within each of these areas, including the strategic sourcing of ongoing services at increased capacity and better value
  • Selection of partners to provide additional expertise & bandwidth through key periods of technical change, staff assessment and skills development and uplifted practices across IT based upon ITIL
  • Financial options were modelled to show the benefits available through utilising CDRU’s extensive market knowledge and benchmarking data

The outcome:

A modern workplace gave the IT function a complete picture, which supported the increasingly agile needs of the organisation.

  • Cost model better aligned to an OPEX/consumption base in line with the organisation’s commercial model
  • Modernised collaboration, IT management and security tooling implemented improving efficiencies across the organisation
  • New aligned contracts with IT service providers in support of the partnership model with greater ownership of SLAs delivering increased productivity and efficiencies

Flexible working environments are here to stay – how quickly and efficiently businesses adapt to this changing landscape will define an organization’s competitiveness both in terms of talent acquisition and retention through to top and bottom-line financial outcomes.

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