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Why IT spend is now a critical commercial enabler

As demand for IT projects and services increases, the ever changing landscape of digital business continues to challenge those charged with delivering it. With a multitude of digital business solutions available to solve everyday challenges and enable new opportunities, understanding how you can accelerate your company towards your desired ‘future state’ is critical.

The disruption resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic is unprecedented in our lifetime and is requiring nearly all organisations to reevaluate their financial outlook for the year(s) ahead. It therefore becomes more relevant to dive into the cost of IT to ensure the most efficient use of, and value gained from, the resources spent on IT, not just during the current period of volatility but also for the uncertain period ahead.

Organisations must have the ability to view their true cost of IT delivery, and accurately value their technology investment. It is accepted that establishing a robust ITFM process across an organisation, results in short-, medium-, and long-term benefits. Gartner and McKinsey for example, put the % savings anywhere from 5% to 20% of Spend Under Management.


Drive greater efficiency of IT spend

Being able to clearly demonstrate the value of your IT investment is a hot topic for CIOs, CFOs, and Tech Leaders across every industry and sector. As many businesses reimagine their operating models, cost bases, and investment approaches – transforming with fast, measurable results is critical.

Partnering with CDRU, experts in Cloud Execution and Transitions, Strategic Sourcing, Transformation and Spend Optimisation with fixed cost and outcome fee models, enables your business to adapt and accelerate out of COVID-19 with confidence.

CDRU establishes cost transparency against a baseline, which allows our customers to understand where costs are really going and fund future business needs.

Enabling a ‘cost vs. value’ view creates transparency and drives greater efficiency of spend by the IT function and the broader company alike. An example of the view of the true cost of IT delivery is shown below:

A better way to measure success

By establishing a baseline CDRU is able to compare the ‘current state’ cost of services against those of other organisations within the industry. Using proprietary CDRU benchmarking data and analysis, CDRU are able to segment relevant data by industry type, company size, geography and complexity to see how every customer compares for common services.

CDRU utilises their proprietary USP methodology (Understanding, Solutioning, Proposing), leveraging Australian, real-world comparable data & benchmarks, all integrated using in-house analytics and partner IT financial management software, which delivers ‘quick-win’ service and cost optimisation outcomes.

You can’t afford to wait

Every day you could be missing out on significant savings.

CDRU examines IT spend data and offers expert analysis to uncover cost optimisation opportunities. We support your strategic direction and enable decision-making in order for you to capitalise on the findings.

We’re with you at every stage

CDRU has sourced over $10Bn total spend, 500+ engagements, driving value and optimising costs across hundreds of enterprise and public sector clients. Here’s how we will bring value to your company:

Risk reduction:

We can offer innovative gain-share (or risk-reward) based fee models and provide peace of mind with our Outcomes Always guarantee. We guarantee 3 x ROI from your initial investment, and we’ll assist you in creating the narrative to manage your stakeholders.

Value optimisation:

Through leveraging our sourcing experience, market data and enterprise software solutions, we offer CIO’s the most valuable partnership they can have.


We are supplier agnostic, with deep Australian market insights & knowledge across products, pricing, cloud platforms & models.


CDRU is a responsive and agile group of industry experts who focus on delivering rapid benefit realisation.

Every day we discover new insights that allow our clients to optimise costs and enable powerful, strategic decision-making. We can add value to your company immediately so talk to us today.

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